Types of shut off valves

Your home's plumbing system should have shut-off valves or water stopcocks, which provide both homeowners and plumbers with the flexibility to reduce water pressure in the event of a plumbing emergency, either when installing new plumbing fixtures or making repairs.  To stop the flow of water in your water supply line or even your main water supply, plumbers can use shut-off valves, which are similar to water pressure gates.


The shut-off valves on your home's toilet, washing machine, ice maker, water heater and sink may no longer work when you try to turn off the water supply because they are not used frequently. Whatever the cause, if you need to purchase a new shut-off valve, you'll need basic knowledge about main and general shut-off valves. As exciting as it may sound, it's helpful to know which valve you need or if an upgrade to a new type is necessary. 

Accordingly, 3 types of shut-off valves are described below:

  • Straight stop

The handle is conveniently located in the center. It is usually the valve of a water pipe extending upward from the ground and passing under the dwelling.

  • Angle stops

They are usually found on pipes protruding from walls. The handle may resemble an oval wheel and will be parallel to the wall.

  • 3-Way stop

This valve, which has one inlet and two outlets, is usually located under the kitchen sink. It allows hot water to reach the dishwasher and the faucet.